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Q&A with a CMW Media Graphic Designer

June 18, 2020

A conversation with our very own Pablo Perez

Here at CMW Media, talent comes in many forms – graphic design, videography, marketing, public relations, and more! Pablo Perez, one of CMW Media’s first employees and our current graphic design coordinator, takes a short moment to answer a few questions about creating designs for clients in the cannabis industry, tips during the design process, and his time working at CMW Media.

When creating a design, how do you like to begin?

First, I like to begin by researching the clients I am working on and get a feel and style of the brand. I try to incorporate anything that holds value to the client and tie it back into my final design. Afterwards, I build out multiple rough concepts to have a variety of options for our client.

Would you say that your process for creating a logo is streamlined or constantly changing?

I would have to say that my process is constantly changing. I used to believe that most people would have a streamlined process for creating, but in reality, each logo can use different techniques. Sometimes you’ll have to start off with choosing a font, but other times you’ll find yourself having a different starting point.

How does the shape or the color of a design change the perception for the viewer?

The shape and color of a design can remind people of a specific item that they can relate to, or even evoke a specific emotion. A simplistic logo relies heavily on shape, for example. Without going into intricate detail, a minimal logo can represent the company’s values or mission.

How does font choice affect the design you are creating? How important is the font to the integrity of your design?

Every font family can tell a different story. At times a specific font can make a design feel vintage and classic, while other fonts can make it seem modern or futuristic. Depending on the style of the font, it is yet another design element that can evoke an emotion or put the viewer back in time.

What challenges do you face when creating a design for a client in the cannabis industry as opposed to a client in a different type of industry? (If any)

When it comes to working with clients in the cannabis industry, attention to detail is an essential. The cannabis industry has many different regulations and restrictions based on location, for example, so it is crucial that all disclaimers and warnings are visible and correct. As the industry begins to modernize, I have noticed that clients are open to creative concepts that would have been seen as distasteful in previous years.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but I usually take advice from what I learned in school and base things off of the golden ratio. I try to find a sense of balance in every design and leave it alone when it feels right. You can always keep adding more, but there’s always that perfect moment in which everything feels balanced.

Which has been one of your favorite creative projects you have done while working for CMW Media?

Working with our client Harvest Delights has been my favorite project so far due to the fact that I worked on all parts of the creative branding. From logo to packaging, I had the ability to play with various different styles of branding, created multiple logo variations, and had a lot of fun designing along the way.

Pablo Perez

Senior Graphic Designer

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