Creating Lasting Impact with Video

Discover the impact multimedia advertising can have on your business
by Maryse Ayub

Video continues to be one of the most invaluable tools to enhance the digital marketing strategy for your business. Humans, being very visual, find videos appealing and more memorable than any other content out there.

Some still think of video marketing as an option, but here at CMW we see it as a necessity to help get your name, product, and plan out there for the world to see. We aim to deliver an authentic, interesting, and emotionally engaging story that will help your company come to life.

Here’s why video production is important: 

  • Builds Trust: Content Marketing is intent on building long-term relationships with the client so they are not only fans of your product, but the brand itself.
  • Boosts Sales & Ignites Conversation: Done properly, videos can make you some serious money. Adding a video to your marketing strategy can increase the opportunity for a client to relate to a product, idea, or overall company. Audiences prefer to watch a video because it allows them to engage on their own terms. This means that you can reach even the “laziest” of consumers.
  • Solid ROI: Video provides a good return on investment. While creating a video is not the cheapest marketing strategy, it has quickly become the most effective.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a video for your brand:

  • Browser Friendly: Having a video exist on the homepage of your website not only encourages viewers to stay longer but increases your SEO or search engine optimization throughout browsers such as Google and Youtube
  • Clear Explanation: Those who use video marketing as an explainer tool are able to communicate to their client clearly on something that can otherwise be lost in translation via type. 

This year CMW embarked on a creative and unique video project for our client, a leading all-outdoor cultivator, and manufacturer of global cannabis products and brands, Flora Growth.

This was a truly exciting and first-of-its-kind project for CMW as Flora Growth was preparing their IPO on the Nasdaq. To help promote this and garner excitement for the launch, CMW created a video for the seven-story Times Square Nasdaq Tower. In this video, we highlighted key value propositions of the company and showed off their new $FLGC ticker symbol in bustling Times Square. 

We also created a video for the Nasdaq marquee that highlighted the company’s key value propositions and persons of the company. This was showcased during Flora Growth’s closing bell ceremony.

Through these videos, CMW and Flora Growth were able to create a jaw-dropping, larger-than-life video promotion to showcase the monumental Nasdaq listing to the thousands of people who walk through Times Square each day. So, the next time you are thinking of integrating video into your marketing strategy does not hesitate – reach out