Why I left Hospitality PR for Cannabis PR

Why I left Hospitality PR for Cannabis PR
August 29, 2019 Kathleen Gonzales
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I am finally ready to share this story about my dog Chewie and how he passed away December 3, 2017. He is the reason I left #HospitalityPR for #CannabisPR and why I have dedicated my life to representing the companies/brands, doctors, scientists and researchers making strides to educate the world about this miracle changing modern medicine.

On December 29, 2016 Chewie’s vet discovered a large mass on his spleen, and suggested he go into emergency surgery to have his spleen removed, and so he did. As I waited for the surgery to be done I began calling friends to help me through those treacherous hours in the waiting room and that is when a good friend told me about Pet CBD. She suggested regardless of the outcome of the biopsy on his spleen that I should start giving him the pet CBD brand, #VetCBD, I had no idea what it was or even how to get it, but lucky for me she was running San Diego’s first dispensary, Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op. At the time I didn’t have a medical card so I was fortunate to be able to purchase directly from her. Chewie’s vet tested the mass and discovered it was benign and within the first two weeks of giving him #VetCBD after his surgery, Chewie came back to life with a vengeance, no spleen and he was happy and healthier than ever. In November 2017, the dispensary ran out of #VetCBD and I wasn’t sure how to get it but Chewie was happy and healthy and I thought nothing of it. After two weeks of not giving him #CBD I noticed he started showing a rapid decline, his coat, his eyes, I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. I immediately took him to the vet to discover he had advanced stage liver cancer, I will never forget that moment, I fell to my knees, held him in my arms while silently crying and trying to stay strong for him, a part of me was dying inside, I was devastated.

I had one final night with Chewie and had to let him go on December 3, 2017 at the age of 7.

Am I saying that #CBD was keeping his cancer at bay? Maybe. Am I saying that this may not have happened or at least as rapidly as it did had I never stopped giving him CBD? Maybe. I struggle with this reality every single day and that is why I left Hospitality PR for Cannabis PR, and that is why my purpose in this life is to give Chewie and every other animal, and person in the world that has had a similar experience a voice, because ANYTHING THAT CURES/HELPS/ALLEVIATES SYMPTOMS OF CANCER CAN’T BE ILLEGAL. IT MUST BE AVAILABLE!

Chewie lives on forever in my heart and soul and its because of his death and what I witnessed with #CBD that I will stop at nothing to see #CBD accessible for all and continue to represent credible companies who want to change the world!

#RIP #ChewbaccaTheWheaten 11.10.2010 – 12.3.2017

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