Virtual/In-Person Cannabis Conferences & Trade Shows In 2021

January 18, 2021


We here at CMW Media completely appreciate the hard work of so many industry members in providing vailable content such as that is included in this blog. This blog uses content from NisonCo, a premier PR and Marketing agency in the cannabis industry. We felt the content was so good that we wanted to amplify it using our channel. But please take a moment to visit for more insightful information about our industry and view below the complete list of upcoming Cannabis Events and Tradeshows in the year 2021. And thank you to Evan and NisonCo for compiling it! 

Virtual/Digital Cannabis Conferences and Networking Events 2021

Name Company Date
SXSW SXSW 3/16/2021
Women Grow Strong Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 3/25/2021
CannaGROW Harvest: Operations Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 4/21/2021
Food+Beverage Cannavation Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 5/19/2021
CannaOne BizCon+Awards Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 6/17/2021
CannaVest EUROPE Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 8/28/2021

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In-Person Cannabis Conferences and Trade Shows 2021

Name Location Date
Future Cannabis Strategies Europe London, UK 1/27/2021
Asian Hemp Summit 2021 Kathmandu Kathmandu, Nepal 1/29/2021
Indo Expo Denver, CO 1/30/2021
USA CBD Expo Vegas, NV 2/5/2021
Cannabis Packaging Summit Anaheim, CA 2/9/2021
2021 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Oklahoma Summit & Expo Tulsa, OK 2/10/2021
Alternative Investments Research & Due Diligence Forum Las Vegas, NV 2/10/2021
SPAC Conference New York, NY 2/11/2021
CANNACON Midwest Chicago, IL 2/12/2021
Industrial Hemp Summit Danville, VA 2/22/2021
Emerald Conference San Diego, CA 2/24/2021
IECSC NY New York City, NY 3/7/2021
Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Michigan Summit & Expo Birch Run, MI 3/18/2021
AAD Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA 3/19/2021
Global Pet Expo Orlando, FL 3/24/2021
NECANN Boston Boston, MA 3/24/2021
CBD Expo MIDWEST Chicago, IL 3/26/2021
Cannacon Midwest Detroit, MI 4/2/2021
Spannabis Barcelona, Spain 4/23/2021
Canadians and Psychedelics Research Conference Montréal, Canada 4/25/2021
Eastern US Hemp Conference and Expo Buffalo, NY 4/25/2021
Meet Delic Los Angeles, CA 5/1/2021
Lucky Leaf Expo Austin Austin, TX 5/14/2021
The Plastics Show / NPE 2021 Orlando, FL 5/17/2021
Catalyst 2021 Calgary, Alberta 5/21/2021
Lift & Co Toronto, Canada 5/27/2021
IECSC Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 6/20/2021
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Conference (HITEC) Dallas, TX 6/21/2021
Lucky Leaf Expo Dallas Dallas, TX 7/9/2021
Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) Fair Las Vegas, NV 7/20/2021
NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo / CannaBiz Summit San Francisco, CA 8/3/2021
Midwest Cannabis Business Conference Detroit, MI 8/25/2021
INSIGHT 2021 Berlin, Germany 9/9/2021
2021 ISPA Conference & Expo Aurora, CO 9/20/2021

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