The Importance of Custom Design in Modern Cannabis

Written by Peyton Moon

Thoughtful design is a key component in building any successful business. Outward appearance or “branding” is the first thing noticed by specific target audiences and potential clients. It is the face of the company, helping to attract attention, enhance message quality and ultimately drive ROI. Though good design is critical in all industries, cannabis-focused businesses should pay extra attention. Here’s why.

With over 10 different sectors from ancillary services to wholesale cultivators and biotechnologies, cannabis is America’s fastest-growing industry. That means thousands of new businesses arising each year!

Though this quick expansion is an exciting development for green entrepreneurs, it undoubtedly makes for some saturation within the market. This is where well-thought-out design comes in. In an article by the staff over at Creative Bloq they assert “The era of marijuana being an ‘underground’ phenomenon appears to be coming to an end which means ‘secret’ branding techniques can now be replaced by more overt designs.” Small and large businesses alike need to visually differentiate themselves from competitors and catch the eyes of their consumers while the market is fresh.

Another aspect of design within the cannabis world is the constant change in not only product regulation, but public perception as well. With the ubiquitous stigma that has surrounded this plant for decades, designers are pioneering new ways to make hemp and cannabis marketing more palatable to the public’s eye. From the medical sector that warrants a disciplined and trustworthy feel to recreational businesses that can sometimes call for a more tongue-in-cheek, playful presence; a professional look that conveys that message clearly is what is needed to draw in even the most skeptical crowds. This perception combined with ever-changing state and federal regulations creates a tricky landscape for businesses in the industry. 

A good designer will take all of these factors into consideration when strategizing how a certain brand will look and feel to the audience. How can I make this company stand out? What is the public’s perception of cannabis and how is it changing? What are the design limitations around state and federal regulations? When you are in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced design team, navigating this new and exciting landscape doesn’t seem so daunting.

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