cannabis pr

The Challenge

AXIM Biotechnologies (AXIM) was founded as one of the first cannabinoid research and development companies in the industry. When the company first launched, many held an anti-cannabis mindset and had much to learn about the potential benefits of cannabis. Recently, AXIM’s focus has broadened to include oncology research and nutraceutical products. The CMW Media team needed to increase credibility for the company’s research while also raising awareness for AXIM’s widening offerings in the eyes of investors and consumers.

The CMW Solution

The CMW Media team worked with AXIM’s executive and research teams to pinpoint the company’s most noteworthy research developments and create messaging that reflects those accomplishments. As the company added more to its offerings, the CMW Media team continued to update this messaging and train spokespeople on the most effective way to communicate key talking points.

The Result

Over the last five years, the CMW Media team has helped AXIM steadily continue its reputation as a leader in cannabinoid research while expanding the public’s knowledge of the company. This has resulted in national coverage in a range of outlets like Bloomberg Law, Business Insider, Forbes, Green Entrepreneur, Quartz, and more.

Digital Marketing

In collaboration with AXIM, CMW manages the creation and distribution of company news and updates. The dissemination of company information is shared with both investors and the general public. This is achieved through the maintenance of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as through strategic email marketing.

Digital Assets

CMW works closely with AXIM to create digital promotional materials and assets in accordance with their established brand style guide. Examples include but are not limited to; digital fliers, brochures and infographic material.

Web Design

CMW worked with AXIM on a complete redesign of their existing website, with a focus on improving overall aesthetic and user experience. CMW also created key additions, including an Investors page designed to educate and inform, as well as a Science page highlighting the company’s recent work on COVID-19 research.

Video Production

CMW assisted AXIM in the production of a promotional video highlighting their rapid  diagnostic COVID virus test, NeuCovixTM.

Media Placements

With the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the CMW team worked with AXIM’s executives and research team as they pivoted from their core pillar of oncology to also incorporate groundbreaking COVID-19 research. Strategically working to promote several new innovations including multiple rapid COVID-19 antibody tests and a face mask that traps the virus, the team executed several successful campaigns for mainstream news and trade press. Coverage resulting from those campaigns included ABC News, BioWorld and leading financial news site Seeking Alpha.

Packaging Design

CMW collaboarted with AXIM in creating a full packaging design suite for their former CBD gum line. The suite included several product variations as well as matching retail display packaging for use in-store.

Print Assets

To coincide with their product roll-out, AXIM was in need of various essential and promotional print materials. CMW assisted in the ideation and creation of print assets such as brochures, various promotional fliers, and business cards.

Web Design

AXIM’s ambitious launch was in need of a branded website that matched the style of the product packaging as well as cohesive messaging to build upon the brand as a whole. CMW utilized all of our previous branding, graphic and messaging efforts to create a comprehensive website that fit AXIM’s needs. We would go on to develop several similar website for their various product variations.