The relationship between reporters and publicists can be challenging at times. Some reporters can be disagreeable or even difficult at times. Some journalists view PR practitioners as untrustworthy or someone who’s “drank a brand’s kool aid”.

Nevertheless, all PR pros should be mindful of the human element in media relations to foster more positive press. In the modern age of the digital world we live in, it is easy to rely too much on electronic communication alone.

Creating the relationship

One of the most crucial aspects of mastering media relations is fostering mutually beneficial relationships with key journalists. Hence the world “relations” after “media” to really hit this point home.

If you want to be good at media relations, you must be willing to make the effort to build a relationship with a reporter beyond the typical format of digital communication. Forging strong relationships with the media could dictate your ultimate PR success or failure.

Try getting to know journalists on a basic human level. This will go a long way toward building mutual respect and trust – which are essential elements of any good relationship. Get out from behind the desk and meet reporters in person. Get to know them on a professional and personal level.

Eliminate stereotypes

It’s important to recognize that reporters are more than the bylines on a page. They are real people who deserve respect and recognition for a job well done, as warranted and appropriate.

When a reporter does a good job, let him or her know it. This will show that you are actually taking the time to read articles that they are publishing that aren’t just about your client. This will allow you to understand the topics that they are interested in writing about and in the long run will save you time and your reputation (nobody likes a PR professional who pitches them on topics they don’t write about).

Express genuine interest

Expressing genuine interest in a journalist can go a long way to solidify positive relations. That’s why it pays dividends to go the extra mile by learning some basic information about reporters.

Find the sweet spot of common ground and build upon them. Remember, personalizing media relations allows for both party members to view the other as an individual rather than just an object of necessity.

Work with the best

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