Documentary: Cannabis is Medicine


Documentary: Cannabis is Medicine


By as early as 2017, estimates show that about 74 percent of all internet traffic will come from video. What’s more, that trend provides an answer to the ever present question of how companies can snare the attention of customers and investors. That is, the perfect tool to successfully engage large audiences is video.

So, when CMW Media wanted to explore the lives of customers using CBD infused CanChew chewing gum, they decided video ­ specifically a documentary ­ would be the best medium. In this way they could provide longer form content that helps people explore new advances in the world of CBD Hemp Oil in an emotionally impactful way.

To that end, the team interviewed executives, scientists, experts, and customers across the globe, detailing their individual experiences and stories with CanChew. Capturing these stories was no easy feat though: CMW Media had less than three weeks to prepare for an international video production effort that transitioned across 16 shoots in nine different locations and took about six months to complete, from concept to final edit.

CMW Media’s persistence, experience and dedication to the story paid off as the documentary is complete and beginning a six month release plan for worldwide audiences to watch. They’ll be showing it at film festivals, online via digital distribution, and across various social media channels.

This multi­faceted approach will open the doors for people to watch, connect, and empathize with the customer stories. Further, CMW Media’s documentary will help educate people about the often misplaced stigma surrounding a plant that’s heavily involved in our daily lives.

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