cannabis pr

CMW Media President Kyle Porter was quoted in nationally renowned publication The Guardian discussing issues around social media advertising in the cannabis industy. Read an excerpt below:

The consequences of a ban can be disastrous for a business. Kyle Porter, the president of CMW Media, a cannabis marketing and PR firm, thought he was safe promoting a client that supplied hydroponic equipment frequently used by cannabis growers. He was wrong. Facebook banned him from advertising anything, for life. “As a marketing professional you can imagine how devastating that can be,” he said.

“There’s no further action that you may take here,” someone at Facebook wrote to Porter with Kafkaesque authority. “Please consider this decision final.” Porter added that Facebook is sophisticated and rigorous with its enforcement.

It has forced him to scramble for alternatives. “We just started Yahoo ads. I know that sounds silly but they’ll take us,” Porter said. They have also begun using influencers to market their products for them through social media, which he describes as a new form of guerrilla marketing.

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