CMW CEO Andrew Hard and CMW Client Kannalife Science’s CEO Dean Petkanas discuss Jeff Session’s anti-cannabis stance with Fox News. Read the excerpt below:

“CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc.’s PR firm CMW Media Andrew Hard says Sessions’ push for the reversal of marijuana legalization is an outdated “personal vendetta” that doesn’t adhere with the mutual benefits reaped by states and consumers.

“It doesn’t seem like he cares about economic statistics out of Colorado and Washington that the industries are doing very well and making the states a lot of money,” Hard told Fox News.

“This also affects people’s lives and livelihood. The largest drug addiction epidemic is the opioid pain killer epidemic, and the statistics indicate that the rates of opioid addiction are down in legal [marijuana] states.”

Although Sessions’ aims are set toward fighting the war on drugs and the opioid epidemic, his efforts may be antithetical for the movement. Kannalife Sciences CEO Dean Petkanas thinks that decriminalizing marijuana will promote a “smooth and organized marketplace” for the industry, and allow enforcement to focus on halting substance abuse.

“Maybe Sessions should spend more time cracking down on pill mills and the elicit use of opioids rather than outlawing cannabis,” Petkanas told Fox News.”

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