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Posted by CannaEffect on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) has been getting a lot of public attention recently as the NFL’s new ‘industrial disease’. It began with a pathology report of NFL great Mike Webster, who was discovered to have CTE by Dr. Bennet Omalu.

That wouldn’t be the last time the public heard of CTE though. It became a glaring, ugly issue when former San Diego Chargers superstar Junior Seau took his own life. He donated his brain to science and, as it turns out, was posthumously diagnosed with CTE. It’s also affected Adrian Robinson Jr. and NFL legend Frank Gifford.

Understandably, Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington (Denver, 1999) decided it was time to take a stand and actively seek a solution for CTE. He wouldn’t stand by while the health and well­being of his fellow NFL players was at stake. It was a major factor in his decision to team up with Kannalife Sciences, Inc. (Kannalife) and become their sports advisor.

Washington was specifically interested in the fact that Kannalife is uniquely positioned to conduct research and development of photo­medical products that are derived from cannabis. Kannalife was even issued a license by the National Institute of Health (NIH) for US Patent 6,630,507: Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants. Kannalife has been putting these licenses to good use, developing therapeutic drugs to treat CTE and Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) ever since.

CMW Media’s ‘Did You Know’ awareness campaign began purely as a concept when discussing the debilitating and often deadly effects of CTE. However, the team has built it out further alongside Washington to launch the Show Your Green campaign, which is now live at Since the campaign launch, Washington has been featured on both radio and television programs, calling on the public to apply their green “eye black” as a display of solidarity for CTE awareness. The hope is that it will drive the development of cannabis ­based research for a potential cure.

Do your part! #ShowYourGreen

Harper Howard

“You are helpless to stop it. At just two weeks of age, as many as five to 24 seizures a day begin overtaking your infant’s body,” says Dustin and Penny Howard, of Carrollton, TX. “You search, nationwide, for a doctor that can determine what is happening to your daughter. It takes nine months to find one who delivers a diagnosis: CDKL5.”

This rare and sometimes deadly condition affects 300 people worldwide. Those with CDKL5 are often confined to wheelchairs, can’t walk, talk, or care for themselves. On top of that, they tend to suffer from scoliosis, visual impairment, sensory issues, and various gastrointestinal issues.

“The words ‘no known cure’ ring in your ears,” says Dustin and Penny.

This is the true life story of the Howards, parents of six year old Harper who has CDKL5. Since Harper’s diagnosis, the Howard Family has devoted all of their time and resources to improving their daughter’s quality of life. Specifically, they began raising awareness of CDKL5 by founding the nonprofit organization Hope4Harper.

In the fall of 2013, after watching a documentary called Weed, the family was turned on to the concept of cannabidiol (CBD) and medical cannabis as alleviating agents for the seizures affecting their daughter. However, it was a short lived possibility of hope.

You see, living in Texas presented a major, legal challenge for procuring CBD. Not to mention, relocating and removing themselves from a multi­generational support system was out of the question. They kept thinking: “There has to be something legally available that could help Harper”.

After extensive research Dustin found HempMeds, a distributor of a non­psychoactive form of CBD derived from industrial hemp, which ships to all 50 states and an additional 40 countries. CBD Hemp Oil, a now globally recognized brand under the name Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), was introduced to Harper and her mother began blogging about the process.

According to her initial reports in the spring of 2014, there was significant progress in seizure reduction. Further, after nearly a year with RSHO, Harper was able to attend the Hope4Harper Run4Hope 5K in September 2014: she was visibly seizure-­free.

CMW Media has been able to tell Harper’s story and spread word of Hope4Harper’s success in the US news media, effectively creating a global impact and changing peoples’ lives through hemp education.

In the summer of 2015, Harper participated in the National American Miss Pageant (NAMISS) and was crowned Miss Texas Princess Cover Girl. She’s absolutely redefining what it’s like to have a ‘normal’ childhood.

Throughout her journey with hemp cannabidiol oil, CMW Media got members the media to also follow Harper’s journey and share her life changing progress. Due to Penny’s diligence in explaining Harper’s amazing before and after results with RSHO on her Hope4Harper blog, the website has become a source of hope for others who battle CDKL5 and other seizure disorders worldwide.

We’re extremely proud to support the efforts of ‘canna parents’ around the world, and the first example of global cannabis reform spearheaded by fearless parents. It’s why we’re giving Hope4Harper our CMW Media Beacon of Hope award, and we’d like to wish her a major congratulations.

Anny Fischer

Much like the Howard family, Katiele Fischer has a daughter Anny who was diagnosed with CDKL5. The only difference is that she lives in Brazil, which is a strict non­cannabis country. But after following Harper’s progress on Hope4Harper and, after exhausting all traditional medical procedures in 2014 decided it was time to go a step further.

Fischer and her husband, Roberto, made the decision to put their well­being on the line for their daughter and began illegally shipping RSHO from the US into Brazil. It was all so that they might have a shot at saving their daughter’s life.

They followed Harper’s timeline and achieved similar success: in nine weeks Anny was seizure free. That is, until Brazil Customs seized their next shipment of RSHO.

After appearing in a documentary about Anny’s life called Illegal, the Fischers took the fight directly to the federal government so that Anny might have access to her RSHO. Three days later the Brazilian Government deemed it inhumane to keep RHSO from Anny.

The Fischer’s victory went so much further than Anny though: it set legal precedent for individuals battling epilepsy all across Brazil to get RSHO CBD Hemp Oil prescriptions as well. It also opened up additional indications for RHSO that now includes Parkinson’s and chronic pain.

Look at what the Fischers did here. They effectively spearheaded cannabis reform in their country, a country that has the seventh largest economy in the world. They also showed us all how far the love for one child can take an entire country of people. That’s amazing.

We have an incredible amount of respect for the Fischers for making sweeping cannabis law reform a reality. Make sure to stay tuned with CMW Media coverage on everything happening in Brazil related to this situation.

Sadie Higuera

At only eight months old, Sadie Higuera’s body was riddled with tumors and she suffered chronic seizures. Her parents were searching for any working solution to the terminal diagnosis they had been given: Schinzel­Giedion syndrome. Sadie wasn’t expected to live beyond the first year of her life.

Still, the Higueras followed all doctor recommendations as their daughter endured multiple operations and medications that made her body swell up like a balloon. Even the simplest tasks, like breathing, became difficult for Sadie, and she could be heard struggling to live throughout the Higuera household.

It was obvious that the ‘traditional’ medical treatments given to Sadie weren’t working, which left the Higueras few options. The doctors did give them one final choice though to use the ‘hero pill’ that would end her life in two months.

“That was not an option,” explains Sadie’s father, Brian Higuera.

Heartbroken, but still determined, he began searching for alternatives to help his daughter’s quality of life and ultimately came across a readily available solution: cannabis oil.

CMW Media knows that cannabis education and awareness is key, as is sharing success to provide hope for other families facing similar situations. We honor the persistence of the Higuera family and their willingness to share Sadie’s story with others.

In May 2015, we were honored to attend Sadie’s second birthday party, a milestone that many people told the Higuera’s they would never see. Now, in her second year of life, Sadie’s medical journey has been featured by members of the media, including the Union­Tribune, the Union-Tribune’s Community Spotlight radio show, and CBS 8 News.

CMW Media also produced a documentary short in her honored featured at the 5­Minute Film Festival in 2015. For more information about Sadie Higuera, please visit her Facebook page.


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