Why an Animated Video Might be the Solution for your Marketing Needs

Why an Animated Video Might be the Solution for your Marketing Needs
October 2, 2019 Sean Hunsche
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An animated video, or motion graphics video as they are commonly called, is a great way to attract attention to your business. In the world of content creation, video is king. People no longer want to sit and read, they’d much rather watch and learn in as little time frame as possible to get their message across. This is where motion graphics, which offer a unique and visually engaging way to help brands get their story across, come in. 


What is Motion Graphics?

Before we dive too deep into how motion graphics can help your brand, let’s first review what motion graphics are. Simply put motion graphics are graphic design in motion. This can range from a simple logo animation to a complete 3d animation. This allows content to be transformed into a story that is both engaging and visually pleasing. 


How do Motion Graphics videos stand out

Motion graphics videos stand out because they allow companies to take their existing branding and design and combine it with video. The topics and formats of these videos are often wide ranging as well. Animations can run between more complex with characters that tell a story of the brand to simple animated infographics that share numbers and data in a visually pleasing way. By combining one of these types of videos with existing branding, people will definitely remember your company and be more likely to use your services or buy your products.    


What are the different types of Motion Graphics

There are many different types of Motion Graphics. The most obvious type are animated logos. Almost every company has a logo which means having an animated logo can help your brand be seen. Animated logos work best on social media, where they can be incorporated into stories on instagram via giphy and used in front of video. People will remember your logo and subsequently your brand better if they see your logo in motion. 


Explainer videos are one of the most powerful and versatile types of video you can use. As the name implies, explainer videos explain a subject. That subject can be just about anything. Want people to feel a more personal connection with your brand? An animated explainer video detailing your companies beginnings can be a great way for people to build that connection with you and your brand. Have a new product that you need to spread the word on? An animated explainer video can just what you need to market the product. 


Animated infographics are a great way to take the visually engaging content from an infographic and push it to the next level. As mentioned previously, people dislike reading. But sometimes showing numbers, charts, and graphs are needed. Adding movement and animation can really bring the information alive and makes people want to learn.


Animated gifs/stickers are a very popular way to add some pop to social media and blog pages. A short animated illustration relating to the subject of a blog post can help enforce what the article is about. An animated sticker tied to a company’s branding can help brand ambassadors endorse a brand in a fun and enticing way. 


Animation and video go hand-in-hand together perfectly. Animated graphics can be used to drive home a point being made in a video. Important facts and numbers can be highlighted which creates an effective way for people to remember your brand. Animation can also be used to showcase how something works when video would be difficult to achieve. 


As you can see, there are a lot of different kinds of Motion Graphics. Each type has its own respective advantages and each type can help your business achieve success in the marketing and digital content world.  


In conclusion

So if your company is struggling to stand out in today’s marketing world, the answer just might be an animated motion graphics video. The ability to combine storytelling and branding that is put into an engaging package make motion graphics a very good choice for marketing. The versatility and wide range of styles allows each video to be different and to cover a wide range of subjects and budgets. No matter what your needs are, motion graphics is a great way to be seen. 


At CMW, we’re experienced at not only creating engaging motion graphics pieces, but also helping you with your branding, design, and video needs as well. We have a full service creative department ready to help you achieve your marketing goals and should you need more than just creative, we offer PR and marketing services as well. 

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