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PR & Media

Public Relations Strategy

We develop a unique strategy for each of our clients to get the best media results, taking into account your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and our decades of experience in best positioning companies for media exposure.

Press Release Calendar Development

We’ll take your business’ most newsworthy stories, and schedule them specifically for maximum media exposure.

Reputation Management

Competition in this emerging market is fierce. Should any negative attention be garnered along the way, we’ll work to set the record straight and position your company, products, services and executives as industry leaders. The results mitigate any further impact to your company and brand.

Talking Points

Which of your news and updates are truly newsworthy? Trust our decades of experience with creating the news. We will convert corporate updates and initiatives into succinct talking points to gain the attention of the news media.

Press Pitch Writing

When major media journalists see hundreds or thousands of pitches a day, breaking through the noise is an art and science. We craft your story into a pitch that journalists can’t resist.

Press Pitching

With decades of experience in the public relations industry, behind the cameras and at news desks, we have access to media outlets for your story. Perfect media placement is just a phone call away.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

With our experience as both major media journalists and PR experts, we’ve mastered the art of writing press releases that the media runs with. Plus with our distribution tools, you’ll guarantee maximum exposure and long term SEO value.

Priority Media Placement & Appearances

Through media placements, you can position yourself and your company as the go-to expert and resource in your niche. There’s no better way to earn credibility for your business.

Industry Award Nominations

Awards are one of the best ways to separate yourself from competitors. We’ll put you in position to collect prestigious recognition and add value to your business.

Product Reviews

Today’s consumer is mostly blind to advertisements, but third party product reviews from credible sources are trusted more than ever. We’ll get your products in the hands of well-followed reviewers who will put your products in a positive light, and help you reach a new audience.

Product Placement

Are you seeking more product exposure? Our clients value our business connections within the cannabis industry. Product placement is a great way to increase viewer impressions that can assist with your sales efforts.

Media Kit Development

When a member of the media takes the time to learn about your company, you will first need to provide all of your company’s most important information. Our professional media kits ensure that journalists get what they need in order to craft a great and accurate story.

Media Training

First impressions are everything. Before we book a media appearance, we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared to address questions that come out of left, center and right field. The key is preparation. We know how best to portray you, your brand and your company in the most positive light.

Live Speaking Engagements

Looking to make connections and position your business as a leader? We’ll book you live speaking engagements and solidify you as an industry expert.

Media Monitoring

You’ll always be in the know with CMW Media. Our media monitoring services will track and report where all your press releases, interviews and more are published.

Media Event Production & Coordination

Have a major announcement or hosting an event for your industry or customers? CMW will help coordinate the event, and make sure major media is on hand.

Crisis Prevention & Management

We know that everything in your business isn’t always as smooth as we make it look on TV. When something goes wrong, we’re here to help 24/7.


Documentary Production

Sometimes, there’s no way to tell the story of your business better than a full-scale documentary. From concept to final cut, our award winning production team is here to tell your story.

Advertisement Production

Whether you’re trying to get your brand out there, promote a sale, or anything else, CMW is here to help. Our production team can create video, web or print ads to fit any campaign.


When you’re announcing something big, a press release, email or print announcement just isn’t quite enough. If your next big announcement needs video to tell the whole story, our production team is here for you.

Corporate Videos

Looking to tell your company story by video? Our production team creates engaging corporate videos for companies of all sizes.

Sizzle Videos

Looking to showcase a new product, service or something else? Quick sizzle videos are often a great way to grab your audience’s attention.

Education Campaigns

CMW is committed to helping our clients and the greater community spread their messages around the world. If you have a cause or education campaign and need to get the word out, let CMW create viral video content that will reach millions.

Digital Marketing 

Community Outreach Program Development & Implementation

We’re more than just a PR and production agency. We are truly committed to helping you make an impact. From strategic partnerships to program development, we’re here to be your partner in your cause.

Advertising Opportunities

PR and Advertising go hand in hand. From events, to media appearances, to digital content, advertising is an extremely effective way to get extra results from your PR campaigns.

Reputation Management

If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. Beyond PR, we’re here to help you make sure your story is told your way…in the media, on the web, and more.

Social Campaigns

These days, the true conversation about your business happens across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. With our social campaigns that reach millions, this is your opportunity to lead the conversation.

Let us make you newsworthy.