Clients & Case Studies

Clients & Case Studies

Capturing Messages Worldwide:


Kannaway Launches in Puerto Rico

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HempMeds Explodes at the Chicago Cannabis Conference

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CWM Media creates global awareness about the effect of cannabis

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Native American Cannabis Startup CannaNative Launches

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Documentary: Cannabis is Medicine

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Some of our Success Stories:

MPS International is an industry-leading cannabis security company specializing in physical and surveillance solutions, cannabis business consulting and secure transport of inventory and cash. MPSI is a prime example of how an evolved business of 37 years is transforming businesses in legal marijuana states. From decreased crime rates and allowing “mainstream” news media a glimpse into the cannabis industry, from a security standpoint, our stories have been covered and picked up by major publications ranging from Bloomberg to local news stations.

The first company to be contracted by the Federal government for cannabis¬based orphan drug development is New York-based KannaLife Sciences, Inc. After an internal discussion about KannaLife Sciences’ unique position in the industry, the global discussion on the NFL and CTE began through news features on: Fox Business, AP, Huffington Post, USA Today, EBRU News and more.

As the leading marketing and distribution arm for multiple cannabis industry brands, HempMeds® was set to launch new products at a series of major natural products expos. Each time, CMW Media captured the unique aspects of the products that were being introduced to the public. Our stories and images from the conferences were picked up by media outlets including: Fortune Magazine, MSNBC, Reuters, AFP, RT, Huffington Post, Washington Post and more. Thanks to MSNBC’s viewers, the instantly popular “Pot for Pets” story required five cut-ins at one event.

In Puerto Rico, every news outlet on the island covered Kannaway with less that 24-hours notice. Every TV network on the island was there. Newspaper journalists joined the group and the rest is history.

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